La Prensa Hispana circulation growth continues to outpace other Spanish print media and is the leading Hispanic market directed newspaper in the Coachella Valley. La Prensa Hispana is the ONLY Coachella Valley newspaper which has received approval and recognition status by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce-Coachella Valley. La Prensa Hispana is the officially designated newspaper for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce-Coachella Valley and has met all of the requirements in regards to quality, verified distribution locations, status, authenticity, minority ownership and community partnerships. Since its inception 18 years ago, circulation has increased 60% to its current circulation of 46,500 with an exclusive East-Valley, free home distribution network.The inclusion of English language content has integrated La Prensa Hispana into an expanding bi-lingual market. La Prensa Hispana is truly a bicultural product produced and run within the Hispanic community in a literate bi-lingual fashion. It has a significant impact on the Hispanic marketplace as well as the English speaking segment of the market.

An independent market study by National Marketing And Statistic Trends In Media, Inc., conducted in March 2007 has shown La Prensa Hispana scoring big with readers. The recent survey shows readers more satisfied with La Prensa Hispanas’ approach to news, sports and entertainment. The colorful displays, attractive photos’ and current interviews were cited as clearly superior. “The eye discerns the difference” was how one long time reader put it. “There is no comparison in quality and I can access it on the internet from several sites at work” was another comment.
La Prensa Hispana Newspaper
a division of Hispanic Image Marketing Network
Al Vasquez and Ana Rascon Vasquez